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How Zodiac Signs Acts Around Their Crush

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Despite having these helpful characteristics, your crush still may not always be able to determine how interested you are in them. Luckily, below you'll find a breakdown of how each zodiac sign acts when they're crushing on someone.


If someone catches your eye, you're likely to develop strong feelings for them quickly. The difficulty arises when they return the favor, however, as the flame may die out almost as soon as it was kindled.


Since Venus governs your sign, you approach your passions with purpose. Your persistent efforts have likely made you irresistible to anyone you've had an infatuation on.


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You appreciate a good sarcastic exchange with the person you have a crush on. The fact that others aren't always able to guess your true motives is part of what makes life so interesting.

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You are the epitome of the term "emotionally available." You probably don't give it much thought, but you probably already do things like check in on your admirer on a regular basis, cater to them, and hold emotional space for them.


Since you are a fire sign, it stands to reason that you enjoy bragging about the people you have an infatuation on to everyone else. (no matter how short-lived the relationship may be).


When you like someone, you put effort into showing them your helpful side because, as a mutable earth sign, you are always looking for methods to be of service to the people you care about.


You're naturally charming, to the point where you might strike up conversations with individuals you have no real interest in dating. Others may misinterpret your motives if you act in this way.


When you decide it's time to let your guard down, you do so with great care. So much so that it may take some time for you to recover emotionally if the partnership ends badly.


As the sign of the zodiac that craves excitement, you find pleasure in the pursuit. People who have an energy that is comparable to yours are likely to draw you in because you value your independence.


When it comes to pursuing romantic interests, you have a tendency to adopt a more structured and conventional approach because Saturn, the planet of discipline, is your ruling planet.


Your behavior when you have an infatuation may go unnoticed because you are the most misunderstood zodiac sign. You have a reputation for being tranquil and collected, and it's no different when you have feelings for someone.


You are someone who has a tendency to go with the flow, and since you are the changeable water sign of the zodiac, you don't put too much pressure on the people who might become your romantic partners.


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