How Zodiac Signs act when they have a Crush

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Aries people are brave, self-assured, and honest in their love. They will simply express their interest. If another person flirts with their crush, they may become jealous.


When they're smitten, Taurus blushes and giggles a lot. Gestures and body language make it obvious. They make efforts to conceal it, but are powerless against the allure of love.


Even with a crush, Geminis are hard to read emotionally. They appear friendly, yet their hearts may be doing backflips. They successfully conceal it.


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Cancer has strong feelings and admires their crush from afar. They may practice conversations, yet they frequently embarrass themselves.


When it comes to love, Leos are not subtle. They enjoy making corny jokes to tease their crush and are fun and laid-back. They thrive on humor.


Virgos examine their crush carefully, make notes, and interact. They constantly talk about them and treasure every moment, no matter how short.


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Libras put love first and will drop everything for their crush. They make them feel unique and ensure that their time together is treasured.

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With their crush, Scorpios are intense, romantic, and passionate. They initiate conversations and daydream about private outings while waiting for their crush to take the initiative.

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Sagittarius is an independent sign that enjoys trying new things. They work hard to impress their countless crushes. Their flirtation may appear strange, but they are doing their best.


Capricorns take things slowly and keep their feelings for someone to themselves. They have late-night calls and lovely texts with their crush.


Because they are shy, Aquarius won't approach their crush. They are known for "blushing and running" and take their time to express themselves.


While they are smitten, Pisces will make their crush feel important and heard. They will adopt their crush's personality traits, and will dream about them frequently.