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How Do Cats Express Affection?

Always Nearby Cats prefer their own space, but they'll never pass up the opportunity to curl up with you, particularly if they know you're sick.

Belly Showing Everyone knows that dogs enjoy having their bellies scratched by family members or the postman who delivers their favored treats.

Blinking Cats have an uncanny ability to stare for extended amounts of time without blinking.

Bunting Another obvious way that cats express their love is by leaving their scent on objects, people, and other animals.

Gifts Humans don't understand all kitty love. Their "gifts" usually consist of newly killed mice, rats, or birds.

Greetings People think cats don't care when you get home from work. Many cats will meet their owners at the door after a day out or a walk with the dog.

Kneading Kittens learn to knead their moms to get milk, and as they grow up, they continue to do this as a sign of happiness.