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Fruits that have the Most Protein

Surprise! Fruits also provide protein. You can increase intake in a delightful way by adding more to your diet. 

With 4.2g of protein per cup, guava is a protein powerhouse. A tropical delight that is high in fibre and vitamin C.


Protein content per cup is 3g when it is sliced or cubed and 4.6g when it is mashed. It has a lot of fiber, potassium, and good fat.


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A well-liked vegan meat alternative. It is flexible and provides 2.8g of protein per cup in meals like tacos or curries.


A cup of kiwi contains 2g of protein, even the skin can be consumed! Simply clean thoroughly, cut, and relish.ventiveness.


Protein content of sliced fresh apricots is 2.3g per cup, while that of dried apricots is 1.1g every 1/4 cup. Snack on it or combine it into a salad.


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Blackberries and Raspberries

While raspberries only have 1.5g of protein per cup, blackberries have 2g. Snack on them alone or mix them into yoghurt for a breakfast high in protein.

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Raisins are a good source of protein! One ounce, or 60 raisins, has almost 1 g of protein. Enjoy as a sweetener in a salad or as a snack.

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Bananas are amazingly good! One medium fruit has 1.3g of protein and is high in potassium. According studies, they compete with sports beverages as a source of energy.


Citrus hero! 1.6g of protein and vitamin C are included in a medium grapefruit. Try it after 5 minutes under the grill with a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Oranges contain more than simply vitamin C! While juice lacks protein, one medium fruit has 1.2g of it. 


Each cup of juicy summer cherries has 1.6g of protein. Frozen cherries can be added to smoothies to boost protein when they are not in season.