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Dogs' roles in search and rescue activities

For millennia, dogs have helped find and rescue missing people due to their unique abilities. Dogs can sniff human scent from miles away and navigate difficult terrain thanks to their agility and speed.

Multiple Blue Rings

Tracking, air-scenting, and corpse search and rescue dogs exist. Each search and rescue dog is taught to find missing people with their handlers.


Search and rescue dogs are well-trained. They are taught to follow scent trails, work in all weather and terrain, and stay focused under pressure. Socialization and behavior training can last two years.

Basset Hound

Search and rescue pets comfort victims and their families. They're trained to calmly reassure people in stressful scenarios.


Earthquakes, storms, and floods require search and rescue dogs. They can save lives by finding survivors under rubble or waste.


National parks and rural areas use search and rescue dogs. These dogs are taught to navigate steep cliffs, thick brush, and rocky terrain and can cover vast areas quickly.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Search-and-rescue pets are invaluable. Their human managers treat them like family. Handlers and dogs bond, and many work with the same dog throughout their careers.


Search and rescue dogs have a rewarding but physically and emotionally demanding job. They face extreme weather, hazardous materials, and worry and fatigue.

Golden Retriever

The International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency control search and rescue dog use. (FEMA). These groups set training and certification standards to prepare dogs and handlers for work.

Labrador Retriever

Search and rescue pets are crucial. These well-trained beasts save many lives. Their loyalty, bravery, and resolve make them heroes to many.


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