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Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the United States

Most of us feel that our pets are family members and should be treated as such. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that we often bring our dogs with us when we eat out.

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act makes it possible for people with disabilities to bring their service dogs with them anywhere, it can be difficult to locate eateries that welcome pets.

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Cane Rosso for Dog Owners

Cane Rosso was originally established by its creator as a shelter for more than 300 rescued dogs. The restaurant now has a patio where dogs are welcome, making it convenient for big parties to dine together with their pets.


Tourists and locals alike appreciate the laid-back merriment of this popular restaurant in Ocean City. Dining, dancing, seafood, and happy hour specials can all be found at Macky's bayfront, open-air pub and restaurant.

Macky's Bayside Bar & Grill

This cozy cafe by the sea truly lives up to its slogan: "Terrific human beings. Top hounds, man. It was a blast." Dogs are welcome to sit with their masters on the patio while they watch the boats dock.

Nauti Dawg Marina Cafe

Tacos and fried prawns are just two of the tasty options on the menu at this relaxed and entertaining eatery. While you enjoy a refreshing drink and some tasty tacos or fried shrimp at one of the outdoor tables, your four-legged friend is welcome to join you.

The Sneaky Beagle

Romero's is a craft beer haven that also serves cider, tea, cold brew coffee, and wine. The enclosed pavilion area is excellent for on-leash dogs, and the restaurant also has a sizable outdoor patio.

Romero's K9 Club & Taphouse

Dogs can enjoy some off-leash time inside at Pups & Cups. Dogs are welcome to run around and meet other canines and people. Dogs are welcome, and there are hooks at every table and canine treats on the menu.

Pups & Cups

This lively sidewalk cafe next to the Whaley House Museum in San Diego's historic Old Town welcomes dogs and provides delicious food and beautiful views of the city.

Casa de Freds

The restaurant Art and Soul in the nation's capital is known for its lovely outdoor seating and genuine Southern kindness. Pets are free to dine al fresco with their human companions and can order from a canine-friendly selection.

Art and Soul

Moss Beach Distillery is a romantic restaurant with a stunning ocean outlook. On the terrace, pet owners and their furry companions can enjoy a fire pit and a breathtaking sunset together.

Moss Beach Distillery

This spacious tavern located just a block from the beach offers a wide assortment of beers for customers to sip outdoors on the dog-friendly, covered patio.

Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant

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