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Discover Arizona's 5 Oldest Cities

Learn about the oldest cities in Arizona, fascinating historical information about each city, and what modern activities are available in each location. Let's go!

Arizona is a state of extremes. Its origins can be traced all the way back to the Stone Age. Several of the earliest human communities still have their remnants visible today. Arizona's history is intertwined with that of the American Old West.

Cities like Phoenix and Tucson in contemporary Arizona are regional, national, and even international centers of trade, transportation, and culture. Join us as we discover Arizona. What are some of Arizona's oldest settlements?

As compared to Phoenix, Tucson is Arizona's second largest metropolis. There are now more than 540,000 people living there. Nogales, Mexico, on the other side of the border, is less than an hour's drive away.

1. Tucson, 1775

Modern Tucson caters to everyone, regardless of their interests and hobbies. The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (in February) and the Tucson Festival of Books (in April) draw large crowds each year.

The finding of gold in the area in 1863 was the impetus for the establishment of Wickenburg. Around $30 million in gold was taken from the Vulture Gold Mine, and its ruins are still visible today. Farmers and ranchers eventually arrived.

2. Wickenburg, 1863

It is a great day to check out Wickenburg. If you want to see what a normal western home and general shop looked like, you must visit the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.

Phoenix, the current capital of Arizona, supplanted Prescott as the territory capital in 1889. The current population is at 46,000. Gold and silver were mined there, and Fort Whipple was built there.

3. Prescott, 1864

The main campus of Arizona State University is located in Tempe, a major city in Arizona with a population of 180,500. Because of its location in a valley at the foot of a 300-foot butte.

4. Tempe, 1865

The Arizona Coyotes play their home games at Mullett Arena in Tempe, and they are a major league ice hockey team. Diablo Stadium in Tempe, Arizona is the site of spring training for the Los Angeles Angels. Tempe Town Lake is where roughly 3 million people go to be active.

With a population of 27,000, Florence may be found 61 miles southwest of Phoenix. Located on the former United States–Mexico border, on the southern bank of the Gila River.

5. Florence, 1866

There are twenty-five structures here that have been deemed worthy of inclusion in the National Register of Historic Sites, making this an ideal destination for architecture buffs. 

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