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ChatGPT's Picks for the Best Dog Breeds

The top dog breeds? That answer is unquestionably a matter of subjectivity. Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered our daily internet experience in a big way, and opinions on whether this is a good or bad thing vary widely.

AI's Pick

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We just went to ChatGPT and typed, "best dog breeds and why." Then, ChatGPT provided a caveat and some philosophical food for thought about the term "best."  The chatbot mentioned explicitly before listing the dog breeds that

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Labrador Retriever

Although we wouldn't suggest getting a Labrador Retriever if you have a tiny apartment, they are the perfect dog in every other way.


The Golden Retriever is up for any experience you have in mind; it is friendly, loyal, and willing to do just about anything for the family.

Golden Retriever

Fun fact: the German Shepherd has appeared in more movies than any other species, 630 as of this writing, including box office hits like I Am Legend and Signs.

German Shepherd

Since the inception of the Westminster Dog Show in 1907, a poodle has won Best in Show ten times. Poodles are one of the most popular canine breeds in the world because of their intelligence and grace.


The Bulldog is the perfect companion for a snooze. Bulldogs are the ideal companion for a laid-back lifestyle, but they are prone to a number of serious health issues.


Boxers were specifically trained for their powerful builds and square jaws, making them ideal guard dogs. Because of this, it's ironic that their beautiful features


Border Collies are, pound for pound, one of the best canine breeds due to their high levels of physical and mental agility. Whether it's Chaser, the Border Collie who could understand more than 1000 words.

Border Collie

Beagles are fun-loving dogs with a stubborn streak who inspired the beloved and famous comic strip character Snoopy.


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