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Cat Breeds That Behave Like Dogs

There are many cat breeds that behave like dogs, so if you enjoy the overtly affectionate nature, loyalty, and rambunctious play of dogs, you may want to consider getting one. You might be shocked to learn that cats can exhibit some dog-like behaviors without giving up the feline qualities we cherish.

The sleek, highly muscled bodies of Abyssinian cats make them resemble tiny cougars. They embody grace, sophistication, and agility. However, Abyssinian cats are more than just bodily creatures.


American Bobtails are large, orange-coated, and robust compared to other cat breeds. They have a high IQ, are generally healthy and active, and are courageous without being violent.

American Bobtail

Medium-sized and muscular, American Curl cats have distinctive walnut-shaped eyes and luxuriously plush hair. The backward-curling ears of this type are easily recognizable.

American Curl

These cats may be medium in height, but they pack a powerful punch. They have robust physiques, with robust musculature and bones. Their shorthair is thick and substantial, and it appears in a wide variety of colors. 

American Shorthair

When one meets a Balinese cat, affection usually follows. If you're unfamiliar with them, think of a Siamese cat with longer fur. Blue eyes, fluffy hair, and long whiskers all describe them.


The Bengal cat is a very active species. At the very least once a day, they need some time to sprint, jump, and otherwise let loose. Bengal cats form strong attachments to their owners, much like dogs do.


Birman cats have qualities like patience and tolerance that aren't typically linked with cats. These cute critters get along well with both toddlers and other animals. They can hold their own and still respect your need for solitude. 


Having a Bombay cat is like having your very own panther cub, minus the risk. They are beautiful and intelligent black women who can easily adjust to new situations.


Although Burmese cats, like many canine breeds, appear compact, they actually weigh more than they do. They love their caretakers and are very devoted to them.


Burmilla cats will happily accept all the love and care you can offer them. They have a kitten's openness and friendliness well into maturity.


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