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Cat Breeds That Are Most Unique

We have put forth a lot of effort to ensure that each of these breeds has some unique quality or historical aspect that distinguishes it from the others and makes it really cool and interesting. Let's get started.

The Bengal cat is a popular choice for pet owners who desire a wild-looking cat with the demeanor of a home pet. The little Asian wild cat known as the Asian leopard cat was crossed with a domestic cat to generate this breed.


Rare and ancient, the Turkish Van cat is native to Turkey's Lake Van region. The myths say that after the deluge, these felines made their way to land via Noah's ark.

Turkish Van

The Manx breed can be identified by its short, bobbed tail. A genetic mutation occurred naturally, creating this one-of-a-kind quality. These animals date back to the nineteenth century.


The Siberian cat is a noble breed with a storied past. These felines have been roaming Russia's woods for over a thousand years (hence the name). Many Russian legends and fables feature them.


The ancestry of the Abyssinian cat, a breed known for its grace and elegance, is shrouded in mystery. They resemble ancient Egyptian sacred cats, thus some researchers think they originate there. Some say they were found in Ethiopia, though.


The Sphynx is a popular breed of hairless or almost hairless cat. The birth of a hairless kitten to a normal-coated cat in Canada in 1966 resulted from a genetic mutation responsible for this.


The Savannah cat is an aesthetically pleasing breed that resembles a young leopard. The African serval is a savanna-dwelling wild cat that was crossed with a domestic cat to generate this hybrid breed.


The beautiful Norwegian Forest cat has a deep local history. These felines have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of years roaming the woods of Norway, as their moniker suggests.

Norwegian Forest

The Himalayan cat is a stunning hybrid with a Siamese coat and a Persian physique. In the 1950s, a Persian and a Siamese were bred together to create this hybrid breed. The Himalayan rabbit, whose coloring is quite similar, inspired the name "Himalayan."


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