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Best Internet Free Apps for Traveling

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We take our mobile phones everywhere we go because they have so many applications. They're compact, powerful devices that can make any trip easier, particularly if you have access to the web.


However, keep in mind that many locations lack access to fast internet or dependable wifi. Make the most of your trip with the help of these five free, offline applications.

Your future itinerary will be found on Google Trips. We used to routinely keep all of our travel details in a single location. This software will store all of your booking and travel information in one convenient location.

1. Google Trips

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In addition, it recommends a broad variety of restaurants, attractions, and other points of interest in the area. Turn on download mode before you leave to have offline access to recommendations, reservations, and maps.

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2. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo Maps lets you save an offline plan of your intended travel route. You can use it to get instructions and find out what other people think are must-sees in your area.


By downloading languages in advance, you can use Google Translate without WIFI in a foreign nation. An up-and-coming feature of Google Translate

3. Google Translate

A feature of Google Translate that translates foreign-language text into English when you aim the camera at it. Now you can read road signage, menus, and restaurant menus with ease!

With Google Drive, you can view documents, itineraries, and PDFs even when you're not connected to the internet. If you enable the offline feature, you can also maintain a diary and make notes.

4. Google Drive

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5. BeFunky

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