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Best Exotic Pets for Children

If you and your child have settled on adopting an exotic pet, look for one that is known to be calm and manageable around kids. Children's pets, like children themselves, need to be able to handle noise and activity.

Here is a look at eight of the most popular pets for children, along with some fundamental information regarding what their carers are expected to provide for them.

This underappreciated companion is incredibly smart and also has the advantages of being larger, less frightened, living longer, and being easier to handle than most rodents. Rodents have distinct personalities and are big fans of mental challenges.

#1 Rats

Their lack of a notorious biting reputation is another another advantage. A huge cage is required for a couple of rats. Despite their nocturnal nature, they may often adjust to your routine.​

Guinea pigs are relatively gentle pets that rarely bite if handled properly. They learn your habits and are very receptive, both of which keep children engaged.

#2 Guinea Pigs

In order to get some exercise, guinea pigs like running in a giant hamster ball. Feeding them fresh foods rich in vitamin C should help them live for five to eight years.

Taming a gerbil may take some time and effort, but once socialized, the little rodents make great pets. Due to their sociable nature, they do best in pairs or even smaller groups.

#3 Gerbils

The bearded dragon is a docile reptile. Bearded dragons are the ideal size for little hands and are much tougher than the softer geckos. Among their favorite foods are a broad variety of insects, worms, greens, and even the occasional fruit.

#4 Bearded Dragon

Mice do not require a lot of space and are simple to care for. Female mice tend to get along well with one another and provide amusing entertainment as a community.​

#5 Mice

However, leopard geckos can only consume live insects; they will not consume any other types of plants or vegetables. Caring for leopard geckos is among the easiest tasks associated with keeping reptiles.

#6 Leopard Geckos

Hamsters do not require a large amount of space, and it is recommended that they be housed individually. Handling hamsters carefully usually results in them becoming quite docile, even to the point where they will interact with children.

#7 Hamster

Cockroaches are neither endearing nor cuddly, nor are they receptive to human interaction in the same way that mammals are. Insects, despite this, are incredibly interesting.

#8 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

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