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Best Dog Breeds for Runners

If you share your passions for running and dogs, you've undoubtedly wondered which breed would make the ideal running companion. All canines, to varying degrees and not always over extremely long distances, enjoy running. 

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A number of canine breeds, including huskies and greyhounds, were developed specifically for racing, and the majority of working dogs have a natural aptitude for speed. On the other hand, squishy-nosed dogs like pugs (with a few notable exceptions!) and bulldogs have a softer snout.


This lively species is often a wonderful companion due to the medium, well-muscled build that they typically possess. "They require an exceptional amount of physical activity in addition to mental stimulation,"


Smart and full of boundless enthusiasm, this medium-sized hunting canine is always up for an adventure.They have a high top speed and can sprint quickly for long periods of time.

German Shorthaired Pointers

Clough says that, on average, this breed is a hyperactive ball of energy that needs an hour of daily activity, so you better enjoy going for walks. "The best running dogs, hands down, for any distance or surface,"


This smaller breed of dog, formerly known as the Jack Russell, is renowned for its high levels of energy and enthusiasm for play. They are also hunters, so it's important to teach them to stay close by and not wander off in search of food.

Parson Russell Terriers

Greyhounds may be renowned for their speed on the track, but off it, they are calm and independent. They'll enjoy going for short runs with you, but not long ones. Not all greyhounds are long-distance runners; some are built for shorter sprints.


Once you've taught your intelligent and misunderstood Pit Bull not to yank on the leash, you'll have a new best friend. (Dogs like the American Staffordshire Terrier are commonly referred to as "Pit Bulls.")

Pit Bulls

The English setter is a "symmetrical gun dog implying the ideal blend of strength, (and) stamina," as described by the American Kennel Club. It's also a playful and energetic breed.

English Setters

These canines are known for their sociability and durability, thanks to their large frames.Because they are so obedient and simple to teach, retrievers can be a fantastic training partner for runners of any distance.

Golden Retrievers

This type of dog tends to favor speed over endurance. They are quick and energetic and need a lot of physical activity. According to London, those with a "hunter's mentality" have a bit more stamina.


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