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Best Cocktail Suited to Your Zodiac Sign

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A list of the zodiac signs as cocktails, in celebration of National Cocktail Day and the universal need to drown one's sorrows and be spirited away from the dreariness of daily life.


Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, enjoys blood sports and the color red. They are easily roused to begin firing off shots and imbibing heavily at brunch.


Green is a Taurean empowering hue, representing envy, growth, money, and fresh mint, among other things. Bulls are predisposed to the Mojito for its hue


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Gemini is a bit of a social stimulant thanks to their quick wits, esoteric knowledge, and insatiable curiosity. Being governed by Mercury, the messenger planet

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Because Cancers are governed by the moon and are notoriously emotional, cocktail recipes for them tend to include sour, sweet, and highly salty ingredients.


Leo is the celebratory astrological sign, the champagne of the mix, and an essential ingredient in this time-honored beverage.


Whiskey Sour is a perfect example of Virgo's adoration of anything even remotely medicinal that was created out of necessity and was in need of improvement.


The Mint Julep is almost like a character in the novel "The Great Gatsby," which was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book is a literary and completely Libran tribute to excess.


As the sign that rules the eighth house—the one associated with sex, secrets, and other covert activities—Scorpio adores anything that takes place behind closed doors, in the darkness, or beyond the reach of the law.


A wise, truth-telling, wayfarer-wearing stoner who is prone to excess and whose preferred beverage is the boozy White Russian, which has the consistency and flavor of a liquefied milkshake.


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