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Best Baby Names Depending on Their Zodiac Sign

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We have compiled a list of baby name ideas for you based on the zodiac sign of your new little bundle of delight, as well as other options such as Richard, Kai, Keanu, and Apple of Augie. Continue reading to find out more.


Good option for a child born in the year of the ram is the name Margot, which contains the word "go," a verb that is very characteristic of Aries. Consideration should also be given to the names Neo, Nova, and Marlon.


Venus, the planet of love, beauty, wealth, and excellent lighting, rules the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Names like Eden, Wren, Jasper, and Clay, which all have associations with the natural world, are perfect for these children.


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Mercury, the planet of communication and trade, is Gemini's planetary ruler. The natives are very poetic, quick-witted, and prone to uncertainty. Coco, Pandora, Malachi, and Castor are all excellent choices.

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The moon is the ruler of the ocean sign of Cancer, which is characterized by strong intuitive and emotional capabilities.  Consider the names Briar and Bruno, for example.


The most royal of all the signs in the zodiac is Leo. Helio, which comes from the Greek word for the sun, is a good name for someone born under this fiery sign. Other good choices include Leonardo, Sunny, and Rhea.


Virgo, a mutable earth sign governed by Mercury, is fixated on potential and never stops trying to improve. Names like Eremita and Mercurio are recommended for a Virgo infant, as are Huck, Asher, Greta, and Hollis.


Levi (which means "joined" in Hebrew), Beatrix, Clyde, Oliver, Lucien, Oscar, Ophelia, and Themis are all great choices for a baby whose parents value harmony and equilibrium.


Scorpio is the zodiac's most powerful sign, and its interests include mortality, rebirth, transformation, and the exploration of the shadow self. Lethe, Freya, Draven, Kali, Acacia, Marigold, Zelda, Circe are some names to think about.


Sagittarius is the zodiac's free-spirited, spontaneous, truth-seeking, philosophy-spouting, go-with-the-flow party animal. the French-speaking wain, flint, archer, artemis, thora, cyrus, conor, marco, homer, protome, and oriana


Consider using names like Atlas, who was able to carry enormous loads on his shoulders, Poe, Rue, Rainier, Bowie (named after the sea goat space anomaly), or Xavier for your cap.


Astrid and Stella, both of which mean "star," are suitable given names for Aquarius because of the Star card. Orion, Zeke, and Talula are some alternate options.


Neptune, the planet of dreams, delusions, mysticism, altered states, and sweet escapes, rules the mutable aquatic sign of Pisces. The inhabitants of the fish world prefer a similar existence of fantasy, one that transports them to a magical land. 


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