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Astrology Signs Ranked According to Their Maturity

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While every zodiac sign has its own set of positive and negative characteristics, some signs naturally exhibit more of these indications of maturity than others. See where each zodiac sign falls on the maturity scale, from the most grown to the least.


Virgos have a propensity to place the requirements of others before their own, and their level of maturity is directly proportional to this trait. Even the Virgo astrological symbol, a maiden, is a representation of the sign's characteristic tolerance.


People born under the sign of the Capricorn are often misinterpreted. They have lofty aspirations and desires, as well as the drive to put in the long hours of labor that are necessary to accomplish what they set out to do.


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Libras have a natural ability to make everyone happy. Their moral compass puts them near the top of the maturity rankings, but their perfectionism and focus on looks hold them back.

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This sign of the zodiac has the mental maturity to stop behaving like a spoiled brat. Sure, Taurus can have times of not-so-calm and-composedness due to intense emotions.


This zodiac sign struggles with emotional openness, making them challenging to comprehend. If you want to have a thoughtful discussion with a Cancer, you should keep their feelings in mind. 


The Aquarius zodiac sign is unique in that its members embrace their individuality and quirky traits with a sense of satisfaction. While this sign is in tune with their inner child, they also understand the value of growing up.


The usual image of a Pisces is someone who gets lost in their own head. This is because those born under this sign have a deep spirituality and are wise sponges.


There's something about a Scorpio that draws you in. Be wary of a Scorpio's charm, though; they have an infantile propensity to manipulate people for their own gain. 


You can never guess what a Sagittarius is going through in their head. This is due to the fact that people born under this sign are known to be extremely talkative, which can give the impression that they are immature. 


Because Leos are so fond of stoking their own fires, it should come as no surprise that the sun rules their sign. In point of fact, they are one of the astrological signs that can brag about having the most self-assurance.


Due to their tendency toward duplicity, Geminis rate near the bottom of the maturity scale. Geminis tend to act both like a carefree child and a responsible grownup due to their contradictory personality traits.


Even though they are the most confident of the zodiac signs, Aries are also the most immature because of their tendency toward aggression, drama, and excessive impulsivity. In a fight, an Aries may loose their temper unexpectedly.


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