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Astrologically, some signs prefer older or younger partners.

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According to astrology, certain zodiac signs may choose older or younger mates based on their personality qualities, values, and beliefs.


According to astrology, there is a correlation between a person's personality, values, and beliefs and whether they are more likely to prefer an older or younger companion.

Those who were born under the sign of Aries may find themselves attracted to companions who are younger and who exude an excitement and energy characteristic of youth.


They may look favorably upon potential mates who are able to keep up with their hectic way of life and who share their spirit of adventure.

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People born under the Taurus zodiac sign may have a preference for older partners who exude a sense of security and maturity in their relationships.

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They might place a higher value on having a relationship that is secure financially and can last a long time, and they might believe that older partners are more likely to provide this.


Geminis may like companions that are younger, have a feeling of intellectual stimulation, and are fun. 


They may value partners who are open to new ideas and experiences, and younger partners may offer a feeling of wonder and enthusiasm to the relationship.

People who were born under the Cancer zodiac sign may have a preference for mates who are older and who can provide an emotional connection as well as nurturing.


They may place a high value on partners who can provide them a sense of comfort and security, and older partners may be more likely to be able to do so.

It's possible that people born under the Leo zodiac prefer partners who are younger than they are and who can shower them with admiration and validation.


They might value partners who are able to recognize and appreciate their inventiveness and charisma, and partners that are younger might be more likely to do so.

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