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Are you an Aquarius? Here’s everything you need to know

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When Aquarius is in its exalted position near the crown of the basic chart, it ushers in a sense of optimism and promise for the future and commands respect among the other zodiac signs.


Uranus and Saturn are the planetary rulers of Aquarius. The traditional ruler of Saturn is responsible for the tenacity, fortitude, and emotional distance exhibited by those born under this zodiac sign. 

Rebellion and unpredictability can be birthed by Uranus, but so can progressive, humanitarian change. 

Planetary rulers: Uranus and Saturn

Multiple Blue Rings


The human capacity to find significance in the cosmos and in one another makes myth a fascinating field of study. The Aquarius constellation was the subject of similar myths in many different civilizations.

Multiple Blue Rings


Because of their unique and far-reaching outlook on life, people, and the world, one of Aquarius' biggest strengths is their capacity for self-reliance. They become excellent thinkers because of their heightened intellectualism.


An Aquarius's beliefs can be the foundation of their problems. While it has the potential to offer them enormous power if directed appropriately, it also has the potential to drive them apart and cause friction.


Aquarians are compelled to go to extremes in their thinking, and they evaluate information with a cool, analytical head. 

Finally, remember that many Aquarians abhor confinement and will resort to extreme measures of defiance and unpredictability if they feel they must.

In Tarot, Aquarius is represented by the Star. A lady can be seen in this card bending over a small pool at her feet and pouring water into it. She's grounded in reality, as symbolized by her bare foot.


The graphic similarities between this card and Aquarius are striking. The need for Aquarius to expand their minds and see the future clearly is reflected in this symbol.

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