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According to your Zodiac Sign, What Kind of a Mother are You?

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The role of a mother can be played by a number of different individuals, including aunties, elders, sisters, and even overbearing friends. All of these people have a hand in shaping who we are today.


Children of mothers born under the sign of Aries often seek refuge from their wrath between the sofa cushions or in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.


At their worst, Bull mothers can be superficial and critical due to the influence of Venus, the goddess of beauty. If left unregulated, this mixture produces cynical and insecure young adults.


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Mercury is the planet of expression and conversation, so those born under the sign of Gemini tend to be talkative and quick-witted. These moms are notoriously unreliable narrators

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Cancer is the most naturally nurturing sign because of its connection to the moon and the fourth house of family and heritage. sensitive to their children's requirements.


Like a handbag or living testimony to her own successes and failures, a Leo woman sees her children as an extension of her own solar power.


Virgo women tend to be strict and innovative in their approaches to child care, as evidenced by their use of tree sap in place of bandages, cloth diapers, and even intermittent fasting.


Libra moms tend to overlook a lot in the interest of maintaining harmony and a polished exterior. Children are expected to maintain the Venusian aesthetic and brand values.


There is no escaping a Scorpio mother's watchful eye. They have learned to live in the darkness and are naturally suspicious, so they can detect the presence of danger or a hidden agenda just by looking around.


The likelihood of questionable connections and cross-border custody battles is significant. It will be strange, so be prepared with notes and pictures.


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