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8 Best Low-Maintenance Birds To Pet

While there's no such thing as a no-maintenance bird, some pet bird species are easier to care for than others. These birds are on the smaller side, which means they typically make less of a mess than large birds do.

They can thrive in tiny enclosures, meaning less work for their keepers in terms of upkeep. Some birds thrive on lots of interaction with their favored people, while others are content to play by themselves or with other birds.

Doves are friendly birds that enjoy time with their humans, but can pass the time happily playing by themselves if given the chance. Considering that they are, at most, medium-sized birds


Finches don't need much attention or time out of their cage as long as they have enough space to fly and a few companionable flock mates. It's been found that finches prefer to hang out with their own kind rather than with people.


Canaries come in a wide range of styles, each with its own specific needs. These birds require a nutritious diet, a spacious cage that allows them to exercise their wings, and some fun diversions.


Budgies, like other parrots, form powerful attachments to their owners and thrive when given lots of loving attention. However, smaller animals are often simpler to occupy than their bigger counterparts.


Cockatiels, like budgerigars, need time spent out of their enclosure every day. However, they are not nearly as picky as some larger varieties of parrot.


The enchanting qualities of a big parrot can also be found in smaller, easier-to-care-for birds like lovebirds. It's a widespread myth that these birds can only be kept in pairs.


Pionus parrots are known for their loyalty to their owners while still maintaining their individuality. They'll be fine with being left alone for a while if you do this.

Pionus Parrot

The lineolated parakeet, often misidentified as a budgerigar, is actually one of the quieter parrot species. Due to their high degree of sociability, they require daily contact with their caregivers lasting several hours.

Lineolated Parakeet

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