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6 Items You Should Never Carry in Your Wallet

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The situation worsens and you open yourself up to all kinds of risk if you keep certain things in your wallet. Remember this if you need to condense something. Below, we ask experts on finance and security about the worst items you may carry.


"Most people have no idea that your receipts contain information that can be utilized to learn more about your transactions, bank accounts, and shopping patterns.


With the help of your receipts, a con artist can phone your credit card company and find out more details about your account. King advises his readers to "safely dispose of or shred any receipts they won't be needing.

Blank checks are dangerous because they can be used for a variety of fraudulent activities, such as check forgery, electronic withdrawals, and theft of bank account information.

Blank Checks

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"Don't even write your password on paper, period," he urges as security advice. "It's a huge identity risk to keep a list of your passwords, PINs, or an alarm code in your wallet," says the identity theft expert Identity Safe.

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If your wallet gets stolen and the keys are attached to it, outsiders will have easy access to your home because your driver's license contains your address.


The fact that you are carrying around a wallet that is stuffed with plastic could also make you a target for thieves; this is yet another reason to pare down the contents of your wallet.

Credit Cards

If someone steals your social security card, you could spend months or even years trying to establish that you are who you say you are. Because your social security card is such an important element of your identification.

Social Security Card

When someone obtains your social security number, they have the ability to commit a variety of crimes, such as opening credit cards in your name and tarnishing your credit history.

You probably already know your SSN by heart, so the physical card isn't necessary," adds Musson. Put it in a secure location, such as your house safe or a safe deposit box at your bank or post office.

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