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6 Dog Breeds That Have Beards

Keep in mind that the grooming needs of bearded dogs are often more extensive. Each of these bearded canines presents its own special challenges and rewards.

Have you ever been attracted to a dog because of its appearance? Perhaps they sport facial hair that sets them out from the crowd. When thinking about taking in a dog, it's crucial to evaluate the dog's personality. 

The title "King of Terriers" is commonly applied to the Airedale Terrier. The fact that they are the largest of the terrier breeds likely contributes to this. It's also because they have such a noble demeanor and appearance. 

#1 Airedale Terrier

These canines are very intelligent, flexible, full of character, and brimming with energy and stamina. The robust personalities of Airedales might make them difficult for first-time dog owners.

Many people automatically think of Miniature Schnauzers when they see a dog with a beard. They are typically a mix of salt and pepper, and their thick, unique eyebrows and beards set them apart.

#2 Miniature Schnauzer

As long as they receive adequate exercise, these small canines as happy living in an apartment as they are on a farm. They get along nicely with other dogs if introduced properly and like being with their people. 

Brussels Griffons are notable for their beards, which may be impressive in size, but they are also delightful little dogs with lots of personality and charm to spare.

#3 Brussels Griffon

The Scottish Terrier has one of the most recognizable canine profiles. They are instantly recognizable wherever in the world thanks to their long nose, full skirt, and bushy beard.

#4 Scottish Terrier

The breed commonly referred to as a "Beardie" was a must-include. Their beards tend to blend in with the rest of their long hair, making them less noticeable than those of other breeds represented here.

#5 Bearded Collie

Despite their intelligence, Bearded Collies may require a bit more patience during training due to their stubborn nature. You'll need to switch things up since kids grow bored easily, too.

The Lhasa Apso, like the Beardie, is a dog breed widely recognized for its distinctive beard and other facial hair. The cold weather in the Himalayas of Tibet was no match for their heavy coat.

#6 Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso requires much care when it comes to grooming. Since their coat is always developing, regular brushing is required if you choose to keep your dog in the long, flowing show cut. 

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