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5 Easiest Hobbies for Seniors to Take Up

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We are completely aware of our preferences in terms of both time and activities. But if you're in your sixties and feeling the need for mental challenge, why not take up a new hobby?


People in their 60s and beyond experience ongoing change as they raise their children on their own, downsize their living arrangements, leave their corporate jobs, and gradually integrate new friends and acquaintances into their daily lives.

1. Getting involved with a community-based class

Hoff tells Best Life that joining a book club and reading are fantastic hobbies that promote mental health and wellbeing. You can unwind and expand your knowledge or your imagination by reading.

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2. Pottery

"In today's environment, there is an overwhelming quantity of competing demands for our attention. You can find or rediscover your creative inspiration and the cause for your retreat by taking up a new pastime.

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3. A new sport

Some people slow down in their 60s, but others desire to stay active in retirement. Consider your time and energy before choosing your next activity.


Find activities you enjoy doing and you'll be more likely to continue them, as Christian puts it. Running, pickleball, and weightlifting are all activities you could like if you have a lot of energy.

"Gardening is their way of getting closure and turning new leaves (no pun intended)," says Michell. Growing plants is a great way to channel grief over inevitable losses into the creation of something new.

4. Gardening

Gardening is another enjoyable pastime that can be picked up quickly.The common perception is that elderly people spend their free time knitting, yet many of them have trouble seeing, making sewing difficult.

Levin also recommends venturing out on your own if you've been feeling restless in retirement or if you're ready to leave a career to which you've committed many years.

5. Managing your own business

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