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12 Texting Habits That Are Annoying

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If you want to keep the conversation moving along, you need to get rid of these annoying behaviors of texting. Also, familiarize yourself with proper etiquette for texting in groups, particularly if you participate in more than one.


The tone of a person's voice cannot be deciphered through text messages in the same way that it can be over the phone. It only takes one slip of the tongue for someone to completely misunderstand what you're trying to say.

Don't be that texter

Responses to texts that ended with a period were judged to be less genuine than those that did not terminate with a period. Handwritten messages didn't have the same impact.

You use periods

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You use too many emojis

To spice up your communications, use an emoji now and then; however, excessive use is not tolerated. If you frequently substitute words in your texts with emojis, or if you use a string of emojis as punctuation, your messages may be misunderstood.

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You wait days to return a text

We've all opened a text, been so preoccupied that we forgot to answer, and we've all experienced the frustration of waiting for a response for days. When you're in a conference or spin class and know you won't be able to answer right away.


According to a study by dating website, the most major turnoff for single women and men are typos and grammar mistakes. Another thing that everyone on the globe, especially those who are single

You don’t spell check

Keep your messages short and sweet; you're not penning a book here. Keep your texts brief and to the point; if you have a lot to say, suggest calling instead.

You consistently write novels

People don't put as much thought into texting as they would into composing their senior thesis, so spare them the grammatical corrections. Typos are inevitable when texting.

You correct someone's grammar

The problem is that you aren't apologizing in the traditional sense. When you ask for forgiveness, you aren't facing the individual you wronged and staring them in the face. And they aren't seeing how truly sorry you are.

You say sorry via text

The next day, your buddy texts you to see if you still have feelings about something she said the night before. That's not you. What's the great deal, you seem to be writing.

You edit mid-text

According to Bank of America's Trends in Consumer Mobility Report, the most annoying location to use your smartphone is in a dimly lit movie theater.

You text at the movies

You can purchase your parents a gift on behalf of your siblings and let them know how much you each spent with a quick and easy group text; you chose a lunch spot and emailed the location to your coworkers; smart move.

You text your phonebook, at once

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