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12 Crystals That Will Bring You Luck

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Inviting positive energy into your life with the help of crystals is a common spiritual practice. And there's a crystal out there that can help you change your fortune for the better this year.


One of the most well-known and useful crystals for attracting prosperity is citrine. Citrine is said to attract financial success, affluence, and positive energy, and its dazzling golden color is typically taken as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

1. Citrine

Jade is the most universally recognized crystal for good fortune and abundant wealth. For millennia, it has been prized across various civilizations and offered as a token of good fortune.

2. Jade

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3. Amethyst

Amethyst is a kind of quartz that occurs naturally in a variety of colors. It is prized for its calming, healing, and restorative qualities. Amethyst is a great choice if you're feeling confused and disoriented.

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4. Moss Agate

The calming and revitalizing effects of moss agate make it a go-to choice for those who are willing to take a chance on something new.


Turquoise is a powerful stone that has been used throughout history to protect its user from outside influences and to fight off negative energy.

5. Turquoise

Any person who works with this crystal will feel an increased sense of self-assurance and warmth as a result of the crystal's direct connection to the sun's magnetic effect.

6. Sunstone

Moonstone is a popular crystal among spiritual practitioners. Keeping a moonstone beside your pillow can help you channel your creativity while you sleep if you're the type of person who gets ideas from their dreams.

7. Moonstone

Pyrite is a well-liked option for those interested in manifesting financial success and material prosperity as it is said to facilitate the attraction of wealth, abundance, and good fortune.

8. Pyrite

"Rose quartz promotes love and harmony, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to get lucky in love," adds Ferreira. "If you're looking for a soulmate connection, rose quartz is an excellent choice."

9. Rose Quartz

Quartz crystals are known as tiger's eye because of the stunning golden brown and soft red patterns that they often contain. Its primary purpose is to increase one's willpower as well as their spiritual strength.

10. Tiger's Eye

Amber, a fossilized stone composed of resin, is known for the positive vibes it sends forth. As a result, it can help a person gain the insight and confidence they need to go after their goals.

11. Amber

Fluorite may provide the vitality you need to press the reset button on your current predicament. One of the most powerful crystals for banishing negativity and bringing in wealth and good fortune.

12. Fluorite

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