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11 Things to Never Do at the Gym

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The gyms are still considered public spaces. You still have a responsibility to show respect for other people, and that means avoiding the following habits that may cause your fellow exercisers to give you the evil eye (perhaps literally)


A mat, Bosu ball, free weights, foam roller, incline bench, and some kettlebells round out your equipment list, right? Excellent; however, before leaving the gym, make sure you follow the golden rule.

1. Don't leave a mess behind

We understand it, you're hefting around a lot of metal. But, nobody is impressed: Lifting large weights is challenging, but if you're grunting on every set, you're a tool, says NASM-certified trainer James Shapiro of New York City.

2. Don't grunt the entire time

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3. Don't make the locker room public

While doing makeup in the locker room, there is absolutely no need to video chat with your lover. Put this at the very top of your list of gym faux pas to avoid at all costs.

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4. Don't praise a stranger's progress

You shouldn't presume a pregnant lady is expecting, and you shouldn't give compliments to strangers at the gym, no matter how nice you think you're being.


At a gym, there are only a certain number of machines and pieces of equipment available for use, and at peak times, this may mean that you will need to recall the skills you acquired while playing in the sandbox while you were in preschool.

5. Don't be a machine hog

There is no need to bang your weights on the ground between sets unless you are training for a powerlifting or CrossFit competition. A 245-pound bar crashing to the floor does more than just give folks a heart attack.

6. Don't throw your weights

The squat racks are for people who are performing compound exercises, such as squatting, deadlifting, or pressing their shoulders against a resistance. Bicep curls should be done with dumbbells or other specialized bars, not here.

7. Don't crowd the squat racks

You've got your favorite song playing on your playlist, and you're in the zone. So, tell me, what do you do? Break out in song? Not at this time, sorry. You're not in your own shower, and everyone in the building can hear you humming.

8. Don't belt out a tune

These days, it's too easy to snap a photo of someone and post it online, whether they're wearing something you find offensive or making a fool of themselves on an exercise machine.

9. Don't record someone without permission

Be wary about initiating a chat with a complete stranger at the fitness center. If the person is dedicated to their workout routine, a lengthy chat will be distracting.

10. Don't talk too much

"Sweaty gym equipment may be quickly cleaned with a wipe in many locations. It's not just gross for other people to have to deal with your damp towel, but it's also disrespectful."

11. Don't leave a sweaty mess behind

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