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11 Most Muscular Dog Breeds

Dogs exist in every imaginable size and shape, from tall to short to rotund to slender. Muscularity is a genetic trait shared by some dog breeds. Muscular dogs, known for their athleticism and power, have been valued by humans for thousands of years.

"Rottweilers are enormous and musculous with a big, round head and floppy ears," explains Tynes. "They have a floppy tail as well." They are born with a long tail, which is routinely docked by breeders.


Cane Corsos were traditionally used as battle dogs. She explains that later on, they engaged in activities such as wild boar hunting. "They are now all-purpose farm dogs who drive animals, guard farms and pastures, and are also family dogs," the author writes.

Cane Corso

"Greyhounds can be quite lovely and mild mannered, but they may also have a strong predatory drive," Tynes explains. They appear to have widely varying amounts of vigor. Some people will require a great deal of physical activity.


Large and with floppy ears and a ridge of hair down the back, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a distinct breed. If you compare them to a Rottweiler, for instance, you'll see that their heads are longer and more "hound like".

Rhodesian Ridgeback

"American Pit Bull Terriers, often known as Pitbulls, are small in stature but stout due to being 'blocky' dogs; they typically have a broad chest and a massive, square head."

American Pit Bull Terrier

According to Tynes, Staffordshire Terriers are medium-sized canines distinguished by their "extremely blocky" build, "heavy muscle," and "square head." "They have floppy ears at birth, but are frequently clipped as children."

American Staffordshire Terrier

French bulldogs are square-headed and compact canines with flattened muscles. According to Tynes, "they're born with short tails." This breed descended from the English Bulldog and is brachycephalic (flat-faced and short-nosed).

French Bulldog

Doberman Pinschers are powerful, athletic dogs with a medium size, square build, and a trim, athletic appearance. Their hair is silky and short, and they have pointy ears.

Doberman Pinscher

Boxers are noted for their watchfulness and self-assurance, and they are regarded to be exceptionally faithful and loyal to their owners. They may have a trusting relationship with their family, but they are likely to be wary of outsiders.


The Jindo is a medium-sized, yellow-and-white medium-haired dog. It is believed that the Jindo was first domesticated in prehistoric times in what is now South Korea.

Korean Jindo

Kangals are massive canines with a robust build. Their double coats are dense and can be any hue, from white to tawny to darker browns and even black at the ears. Their heads are big and their ears hang down.

Kangal Shepherd Dog

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