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11 Dog Breeds That Aren't Known for Biting

Even though any dog has the potential to bite, dogs of these breeds tend to have exceptionally pleasant dispositions as long as they are properly cared for.

DiNardo claims that in spite of his intimidating appearance (and name), he has a soft spot for children. She also mentions the pups' intelligence, trainability, and loyalty. 


According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), these laid-back tendencies are the product of more than a century's worth of breeding, which transformed the English bulldog from a fierce competitor into a very affable friend.


There is a justifiable explanation for why people choose to bring their canine companions into their homes in the United States.They were developed to be friendly and helpful when their owners went hunting and to bring the birds back to them.

Labrador Retrievers

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania polled dog owners to determine the most and least aggressive breeds, and whippets topped the list of the least aggressive breeds toward both humans and other dogs.


These tiny spaniels are recognized for having an upbeat personality and a calm demeanor (those gorgeous, round eyes say it all), which makes them less likely to bite and also makes them a wonderful companion for children. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

When the Darling family of Peter Pan fame decided to hire Nana to care for their children, they were on to something good. Newfoundlands are well-known for their loyal personalities and their fondness for children.


Although they are large and powerful canines, they are typically quite docile. According to research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, this is another breed that scored quite low on a measure of aggressiveness toward humans.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Golden retrievers were selectively developed to be obedient and low-reactivity hunting companions. This makes people less inclined to lose their temper, especially around children. 

Golden Retrievers

According to DiNardo, "Frenchies are affable, playful, smart, and adaptable dogs." You need not worry about your French bulldog's social life if you take him or her out in public. 

French Bulldogs

According to DiNardo, these hounds are great with other dogs and kids since they were developed to be social. What else about them makes them such great companions and furry kids?


According to DiNardo, pugs are "totally devoted to their families" and have a "gentle and even temperament." Whether you live alone or with a brood of canine companions, whether you have two kids or ten,


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