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11 Dog Breeds That Are Super Silly

All dogs have the ability to entertain with their wacky personalities or their kooky characters, but these 11 silly dog breeds surely have it nailed down. All dogs have the potential to entertain with their wacky personalities or their kooky characters.

These giant pooches are full of silly. Boxers have friendly and outgoing personalities, so they'll make friends easily and will perform for everyone who will watch.


Brussels Griffons, tiny canines that weigh less than 10 pounds, were previously used as rat hounds but gained popularity as lap dogs after winning the heart of Marie Henriette Anne, Queen of Belgium.

Brussels Griffon

Movies like Legally Blonde and Beverly Hills Chihuahua attest to the fact that Chihuahuas are born to perform. And who could forget Taco Bell's ubiquitous TV ads? Chihuahuas, despite being lap dogs,


The distinctive appearance of French bulldogs is immediately recognizable by their hefty bodies, huge square heads, and deep wrinkles. "Frenchies are visually distinctive due to their enormous, bat-like ears."

French Bulldog

The longhaired lovebugs have a reputation for being devoted, mild-mannered, and patient because of their friendly demeanor with children and other pets and their obvious fondness for their human families. Nevertheless, the breed is quite amenable to training.

Golden Retrievers

Although Bull Terriers had been bred in England since the 1830s, it took until much later for a smaller, more delicate variant of the breed, the Miniature Bull Terrier, to emerge. 

Miniature Bull Terrier

While some Pembroke Welsh Corgis have lived in Buckingham Palace, that doesn't mean they don't also have a goofy side. Sunny says, "They're quite smart, so that can lead to entertaining games and training."

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pomeranian is a little dog with a huge character. The breed is kind and protective despite weighing less than seven pounds. It's not unusual for Pomeranians to become internet celebrities thanks to their endearingly quirky antics.


Poodles are not only one of the smartest but also one of the funniest canine breeds. Poodles are high-energy, high-intelligence dogs with a remarkable capacity for training.


Historically, the Pug has been associated with the Dutch royal family since the 1500s, when it was adopted as the official mascot of the House of Orange.


The Puli (which is pronounced "poo-lee") is one of the most distinctive dog breeds. The coats of these dogs are long and corded, giving them the appearance of dreadlocks; the cords are dense and waterproof, and can grow to a length of six inches or more.


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