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10 Worst Dog Breeds for Children

Having a dog in the house is great, but it's even better when there are kids involved. Dogs can help youngsters develop important life skills, such as responsibility and the ability to love unconditionally without prejudice.

Although the Weimaraner is an attractive and intelligent dog, it doesn't get along well with kids. They were developed for hunting large game, which includes things as little as children under the age of 13.

#1 Weimaraner

Chihuahuas are not the best choice for households with young children. These small creatures are defenseless against larger threats, therefore they must rely on their barks and, on sometimes, bites to defend themselves.

#2 Chihuahua

Even though Akitas have traditionally been used as guard dogs, they are also capable of being extremely affectionate and devoted pets. The tendencies that result from this kind of breeding are notoriously hard to break.

#3 Akita

Pekingese is a small dog breed that relies on other methods to appear big and scary when they feel threatened—including biting and yipping. It might not take much to bring out these behaviors.

#4 Pekingese

The Siberian husky is a very active breed of dog that enjoys physical play. Even with the best of intentions, these large canines might accidentally hurt a young person. The training requirements for this breed are high.

#5 Siberian Husky

The appearance and demeanor of this breed are strikingly similar to those of the larger Siberian husky. Alaskan Malamutes, like many of the other dogs on this list, are known to get harsh during play.

#6 Alaskan Malamute

The sale of shih tzu puppies by many respectable breeders is prohibited to households with young children. This type of dog is known to dart out from underfoot and surprise unsuspecting humans of all ages.

#7 Shih Tzu

Herding is in the Australian shepherd's blood, so it's understandable that he might want to herd kids into line by nipping at their heels. 

#8 Australian Shepherd

Sweet and affectionate as they may be, large canines like this can change the dynamic in a home with little children. A toddler can be easily knocked down by a bullmastiff, even if it weighs 100 pounds.

#9 Bullmastiff

Chow chows were developed specifically as watchdogs. Despite their appearance as giant, cuddly teddy bears, these breeds are not the most affectionate. Hugs are rarely accepted. Kids or kids who are squealing and screaming

#10 Chow Chow

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