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10 Popular Cat Breeds That Are Grey 

Stunning grey cat breeds are beautiful in their own right, but you may find that you have a special fondness for all cats. Grey cats aren't merely a sign of advancing age. Old age causes greying in certain cats.

Russian Blues are highly intelligent and rather independent, so they don't need a lot of attention, but they are still quite loyal and get along well with others. They have a loud meowing voice, so be ready for that.

Russian Blue

Chartreux has large, round features and a thick, woolly coat that needs frequent brushing. This unusual breed probably arrived in France from the Middle East in the sixteenth century.


The silver-blue Korat is an old breed from Thailand; there, they are considered a good luck charm due to their unique appearance, which includes a heart-shaped head, bright eyes, and enormous ears.


Nebelungs are friendly and outgoing, making them great additions to any family. Long-haired Russian Blues are a subspecies of the intelligent and chill Siamese cat.


The Scottish Fold, a medium-sized cat known for its short fur and friendly demeanor, comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, including silver.

Scottish Fold

This native American long-haired cat, which was initially recognized as a breed in Maine, is well-suited for cold climates thanks to its solid structure and thick coat, which comes in various different colors (including grey).

Maine Coon

This fluffy cat has become the most popular pedigreed cat in the United States and possibly even the world ever since the Persian became fashionable during the Victorian era. Perhaps even the entire planet.


The Egyptian Mau is a breed of cat developed from Egyptian Tabby cats and recognized as such in the United States in 1958. These cats are known for their wild agility and speed, but they are typically sweet and doting pets at home. 

Egyptian Mau

Once upon a time, the British Shorthair was referred to as the British Blue since it was only seen in that color, but these days, the short coat of this cat may be found in a number of different colors. 

British Shorthair

American Shorthairs can have any one of more than eighty different colors and patterns on their coats, and while they don't necessarily have grey fur, they're usually always friendly and affectionate with every member of the family.

American Shorthair

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