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10 Most High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

It's true that some dog breeds demand more maintenance than others. If you're thinking about getting a dog of a working breed, for instance, you should know that it will probably need more exercise and enrichment than most other dogs.

You can tell a Belgian Malinois is a smart and motivated worker if you've ever seen one working in obedience training, law enforcement, or search and rescue. But, a Mali needs a very particular kind of dwelling. 

Belgian Malinois

The Puli stands out visually in a crowd. It has a distinctive double coat that can twist into dreadlock-like strands. Because of this, the process of grooming a dog can be laborious. You shouldn't have this dog unless you're willing to put in a lot of effort to clean and manage the cords.


As pets, greyhounds can be loving and low-maintenance. So if you're thinking about getting a greyhound, you should know that they have a high prey drive. These dogs have a tendency to hunt animals while out on walks.


Border collies have a natural talent for herding, although this instinct can backfire at times. They may try to nibble at your heels or even chase after passing automobiles or bicycles.

Border Collie

Siberian huskies are high-drive, long-distance sled-pulling dogs bred for extreme conditions in the Arctic. Due to their independent nature, these dogs are difficult to recall when off leash.

Siberian Husky

Beagles are known to be quite loud pets. Their unique baying howl was designed specifically to notify human hunters to the presence of game. In addition, some beagles like to talk just for the fun of it.


Brave, loyal, and protective are just a few of the traits associated with the huge Japanese Akita. Akitas, on the other hand, are sometimes apprehensive of new people and can be violent or intolerant toward other dogs.


Bulldogs have become shorter and stockier through selective breeding. Their face is flatter and more lined with age. This practice of selective breeding for aesthetic purposes has not benefited the breed.


Although chow chows make wonderful family pets, they are not the best choice for people who have never owned a dog before. Chows are recognized for their independence and strength of character.

Chow Chow

Jack Russell terriers are clever and active dogs with feisty personalities. Yet, their terrier natures can be difficult to deal with. Their high prey drive and enthusiasm for digging contribute to their well-deserved renown as expert rodent killers.

Jack Russell Terrier

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