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10 Largest Domesticated Breeds Of Cat

Due to their manageable size and low-maintenance demeanor, any of these domestic cats would make excellent pets for cat enthusiasts who want a somewhat large cat to care for.

The Maine coon is a huge, well-proportioned domestic cat known for its strength and shaggy coat. The origins of this species are shrouded in legend. Some people think they were first created in America.

#1 Maine Coon

The placid, cuddly, and loving disposition of the ragdoll contributed to the naming of this breed of cat. When picked up, ragdolls fall apart and collapse into the arms of their favorite person, just like a rag doll would.

#2 Ragdoll

The Norwegian forest cat is described in encyclopedias as a fierce, long-haired animal with big golden eyes and a powerful frame. Breeders in Norway created these massive.

#3 Norwegian Forest Cat

The face of a Persian cat is its most distinguishing feature. This long-haired cat has a squished-face appearance due to its wide, flat face and noticeably short muzzle. The length of its hair makes it look bulkier.

#4 Persian

The Chausie is a large, active, and intelligent cat with an unusual appearance. The Latin word for "jungle cat," felis chaus, is whence the Chausie acquired its moniker.

#5 Chausie

This rare breed of Siberian cat is big, tough, and smart. It had to be, because the climate I grew up in was extraordinarily harsh, with excruciatingly brief summers and lengthy, hard winters.

#6 Siberian

This tamed house cat is easily distinguished from others by its short, stubby bobbed tail. The bobcat-like characteristics it shares with its namesake include long rear legs and a keen eye for hunting.

#7 American Bobtail

In the Savannah cat, domestic cats and wild African servals have bred to create a new species. The Savannah's large, erect ears contribute much to the breed's untamed appearance.

#8 Savannah

The ragamuffin is connected to the larger ragdoll in terms of both size and appearance. Big, gentle, and affectionate describes the ragamuffin. The placid temperament and luxurious coat of the Ragamuffin cat breed are well-known characteristics.

#9 Ragamuffin

The Bengal's wild appearance belies the fact that it is actually a domesticated cat. The Bengal cat breed seems like it came straight out of the jungle, what with its athletic build and distinctive patterning.

#10 Bengal

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