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10 Interesting Facts About White Cats

There are numerous interesting tidbits about white cats and their fur. Here, we hope to further your adoration for white cats by providing you with some stunning images and interesting information about them.

Persians, Turkish Angoras, American Short-Hairs, Siamese, and Devon Rex are just few of the long- and short-haired breeds that can have an all-white coat.

#1 Many Different Breeds Can Have All-White Coats

White or other light-colored cats typically have similarly pale eyes. Eye color is another noticeable trait of all-white cats, which can range from blue to green to yellow to orange and even a rainbow of other hues.

#2 White Cats Can Have Very Unique Eye Colors

It is not rare for the ear on the "blue side" of a white cat with one blue eye and one other eye color to be deaf while the ear on the "other side" hears normally.

#3 Many (But Not All) White Cats Are Deaf

Cats with white fur are not necessarily albinos. Albinism is a genetic disorder that causes total loss of color pigmentation in the skin, fur, and eyes, whereas white cats just have a gene for white fur.

#4 White Cats Are Not Albino

Sunburn is more common on the ears, eyelids, and nose of cats with lighter or white coats, much as it is for people. Considering how easily they burn in the sun

#5 White Cats Can Get Sunburned, Too

White cats are considered lucky in many cultures, while black cats are thought to bring bad luck.

#6 White Cats Are Considered Lucky

That seems about correct. During their tenure in office, several presidents of the United States had white cats running around the White House.

#7 Many White Cats Have Lived in the White House

They exude a sophisticated air thanks to their long, glossy coats and large, intelligent eyes. It's no surprise that these images have been used for decades on cat-themed merchandise like calendars and pet food packaging.

#8 White Persian Cats Are the Most Popular

Cats come in a wide range of hues, and they're all stunning. Cats can come in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns, such as tabby, tuxedo, calico, and tortoiseshell.

#9 Pure White Cats are the Least Common

Although every cat is an individual, stereotypes about the personalities. The general public tends to believe that orange cats are social and extroverted, and that tortoiseshell cats have a lot of "attitude."

#10 White Cats are Perceived as Shy

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