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10 Cats That Look Exactly Like Tigers

These tiger-like-looking cat breeds are completely harmless, easy to housetrain, and, most importantly, lovable. Read up on these unusual cat breeds after learning about those incredible cats that resemble tigers.

You may be familiar with the name "Bengal" from references to wild Bengal tigers; therefore, it's not surprising that domestic cats with the same name resemble their wild ancestor so closely.


The toyger's many stripes span in color from orange and gold to fiery red. You should think carefully about whether or not you can provide the necessary amount of exercise for these cats before bringing one into your home.


The savannah cat's appearance is consistent with its natural habitat in the wild. Despite their obvious resemblance to tigers, their personalities are more like those of domestic cats. 


The mau was considered a sacred animal in ancient Egypt. This breed was often shown favorably in ancient Egyptian art. Their ashy coloring and tiger-like stripes make them look exotic. 

Egyptian Mau

The ocicat is a stealthy and powerful creature. The Ocelot is the only domestic cat breed that has been purposefully developed to resemble a wildcat, which is where their name comes from. 


Cheetahs have a lot of energy and enjoy engaging in playful behavior. They have the appearance of cheetahs because of the markings on their fur, but they can also have the stripes of tigers on their coats. 


If a Chausie isn't given enough to do, it might become disruptive around the house. Their eyes, pointed ears, and angled legs give them a tiger-like shape, although they lack tiger stripes like some of the others. 


Abyssinians are muscular and athletic. They are bright and immensely affectionate creatures who require a great deal of physical activity. The Abyssinian has a reputation for being incompatible with other feline species.


Pixiebobs are huge for housecats, reaching up to 18 pounds, and their spotted coat will give the impression that a wildcat has taken up residence in your home. 


This cat's heart is as big as a tiger's. The American Bobtail enjoys the company of others and the spotlight. Their mellow disposition makes them ideal therapy cats.

American Bobtail

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