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10 Cat Breeds That Lives The Longest

While it's not unheard of for cats to live to be 15 or older, there are certain breeds that tend to live much longer. Nature and nurture are both variables in determining whether or not your cat will live into its twenties.

The stunning Siamese, originally from Thailand, is a gorgeous cat breed that has captivated humans for generations. It's well-known for being sociable and loud in addition to its lanky build and distinctive markings.

#1 Siamese

The Burmese cat, which originated as a hybrid offspring of a small brown cat native to Burma and a Siamese cat, is a rambunctious, outgoing, and courageous creature.

#2 Burmese

Only experienced owners should consider adopting a Savannah cat, which is a hybrid of an African serval and a domestic cat. Savannah cats are not totally tamed, although they can be social with humans.

#3 Savannah Cat

These felines are used to living with humans and expect to be regarded as members of the family. The typical longevity of this breed is 12–15 years, despite the fact that some members of the species are predisposed to disease.

#4 Egyptian Mau

The placid ragdoll is devoted to its human family and wants to go wherever with them. In addition, it is often called a "ragdoll" since it relaxes completely when hugged.

#5 Ragdoll

The Balinese are thought to have descended from Siamese cats that randomly developed long fur. The length of their coats is the main distinction between the two breeds.

#6 Balinese

The Russian blue cat is a shy and retiring creature, friendly toward its human companions but not overly needy. You can usually find this cat lounging in the sun or perched on a high perch, observing its domain.

#7 Russian Blue

The Bombay's intended appearance—that of a little panther—has been achieved. These felines are known for their friendliness and calm demeanor. They get much joy both from playing and from snuggling.

#8 Bombay

The American shorthair, the purebred version of the domestic shorthair, is a popular pet in households with children due to its friendly demeanor and active personality.

#9 American Shorthair

The Sphynx requires special attention from time to time. Due to their lack of fur, hairless cats typically need extra protection from the cold.

#10 Sphynx

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