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10 Cat Breeds That Have Blue Eyes

The personalities and levels of activity of cats with blue eyes span a wide range. Different breeds have different degrees of genetic similarity to one another. Here are ten types of cats whose mature eyes are either consistently blue or occasionally so.

The pointed Balinese invariably has brilliant blue eyes. The strikingly attractive coat of purebred Siamese cats resulted from a spontaneous genetic mutation.

#1 Balinese

Another beautiful pointed cat breed with blue eyes is the Birman. This long-haired feline has six distinct coat colors, but its paws are always a pristine white.

#2 Birman

The eyes of a himalayan are a brilliant blue, and its long, dense coat comes in a wide range of colors. Himmies are known for their extreme sociability and enthusiasm for play.

#3 Himalayan Cat

Blue-eyed Ojos Azules cats are a rare breed whose breed standard is still being developed. Although not having pointed or pure white coloration, its eyes are always an extraordinarily deep blue.

#4 Ojos Azules

One of the most well-liked and easily recognizable cat breeds, Persians are known for their plush and silky coats, their characteristic smushed faces, and their friendly and outgoing personality.

#5 Persian

The ragdoll cat is one of the most chill felines around. And with those large blue eyes, it's hard not to fall under their spell. They are often compared to dogs due to their sociable and perceptive personalities.

#6 Ragdoll

Siamese cats have been a favorite of pet owners around for decades. Is it any wonder, given its beautiful almond-shaped blue eyes, pointed coloring, graceful build, and outgoing personality?

#7 Siamese

The Siamese and American shorthair were crossed to produce the snowshoe cat. These cats, like all others of the pointed variety, have blue eyes. The snowy appearance of their white mittened paws is where the name "snowball" comes from.

#8 Snowshoe Cat

The magnificent Turkish angora typically has blue eyes, although they can also be green, gold, amber, or even bicolor. Blue is the most prevalent eye color for the Turkish angora.

#9 Turkish Angora

The Tonkinese are a hybrid of Siamese and Burmese ancestry. Its eyes might be blue, aqua, or yellow-green and its coloration is gorgeous and pointed. These felines are known for their lively nature and warm personality.

#10 Tonkinese

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