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10 Cat Breeds That Have Big Ears

The large-eared cat breeds come in a wide range of looks and personalities. Some are lively and sporty while others are more laid-back and affectionate. Here are 10 types of cats known for their unusually big ears.

The Abyssinian's ears tend to stick out to the sides, giving the impression that they are always tuning in to something. Although its origin is unknown, this cat breed is quite old.

#1 Abyssinian

The elongated, triangular ears of the Balinese cat are a throwback to its ancestry as a long-haired Siamese. The breed's silky coat hangs close to the body, making it a nimble companion that is also resistant to matting.

#2 Balinese

The Chausie has large, erect ears that are tilted slightly to the side. The Abyssinian and jungle cat were crossed in the 1990s to create this hybrid cat breed.

#3 Chausie

Cornish Rex cats have a playful disposition and interact with people and other animals in a way that is reminiscent of dogs. This breed, like the Devon Rex, originated from an accidental change in the DNA.

#4 Cornish Rex

The huge ears of the Devon Rex contribute to its "elfin" appearance and mischievous demeanor. Some have compared this species to a dog because of its friendly, playful nature.

#5 Devon Rex

The large, somewhat forward-curving ears of an Egyptian Mau give the cat an alert look. It is believed that ancient Egyptian wild cats were the ancestors of this breed.

#6 Egyptian Mau

Since the Oriental is a descendant of the Siamese, it is not surprising that this breed shares the Siamese's large, triangular ears. It's similar to the Siamese in appearance but has even more coat colors and patterns available.

#7 Oriental

In the Savannah cat, domestic cats and wild African servals have bred to create a new species. The Savannah's large, erect ears contribute much to the breed's untamed appearance.

#8 Savannah

Sleek and with large, elongated ears that are sometimes a deeper color than the rest of its hair, the Siamese is a popular cat breed. This breed of cat, known for being both friendly and lively, has been beloved by cat owners since the 19th century.

#9 Siamese

The wrinkled skin and pronounced features of a Sphynx cat are certainly attention-grabbing. In spite of their name, many hairless cats have a fine, downy fur covering at least portion of their bodies.

#10 Sphynx

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