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10 Breeds Of Dog That Have Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are recessive in some dog breeds, whereas icy-colored irises are a hallmark of others. Blue eyes are more commonly passed down down the generations in dogs with certain coat colors, such as the merle (mottled patches) or piebald coat patterns.

The Siberian husky may be the first breed you think of if you picture a dog with blue eyes. These beautiful dogs are easily recognizable by their icy blue eyes, which echo the color of their native tundra.

#1 Siberian Husky

There is a higher chance that a merle Australian Shepherd will have beautiful light blue eyes. There is a greater likelihood that these dogs will have a combination of blue and brown eyes.

#2 Australian Shepherd

The Weimaraner is a popular breed because to its friendly, lively nature and smooth silver coat. Their silvery gray coats are instantly recognizable, and their kind eyes can be either amber or blue.

#3 Weimaraner

They have a serious, concentrated look that earns them a reputation as one of the most intelligent dog breeds. The eyes of the border collie can be a variety of colors, including brown, gold, and blue. 

#4 Border Collie

Blue eyes are a gorgeous characteristic, even if they are not ideal in show dachshunds. Merle-coated doxies frequently exhibit a spectrum of blue-eye colors, from completely blue to partially blue.

#5 Dachshund

Short legs, long body, and huge, upright ears are just a few of the distinctive characteristics of this small but powerful breed of dog. The Cardigan Welsh corgi's stunning blue eyes are only one more distinctive feature of their appearance. 

#6 Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The sheer size of a Great Dane is enough to attract attention, but a dog with striking blue eyes really stands out. The majority of Great Dane puppies have blue eyes at birth, but they usually turn brown as they become older.

#7 Great Dane

Due to their spotted coats, which can be any color from blue to red to gray to black to cream to chocolate, these dogs are commonly referred to as leopard dogs. 

#8 Catahoula Leopard Dog

The Alaskan klee kai is a little dog that resembles a husky but was developed specifically for human company rather than hard labor. 

#9 Alaskan Klee Kai

Another kind of dog whose eyes turn brown as they get older is the pit bull. It is not uncommon to find mature pit bulls with blue eyes, as well as pits with a blue, gray, or brindle coat.

#10 Pit Bull

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