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10 Best Small Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

Small dogs are less expensive to feed and care for than big ones, and they are easier to transport. Moreover, many toy canine breeds are well-suited to apartments and other small dwellings. The top 10 small canine breeds make excellent companion animals.

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In some instances, their small size was an asset to their ability to labor or hunt, whereas in other instances, they were simply desirable as lap dogs and all-around endearing little companions because of their cuteness.


A good number of Yorkshire terriers adore spending time on their owners' chests and are perfectly content to be carried. However, they are not a cowardly canine. Yorkies have big personalities that more than make up for their diminutive dimensions.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Dachshund is known by a variety of aliases, including doxie, wiener dog, sausage dog, and even hot dog. The distinguishing characteristics of the breed are, of course, the primary inspiration behind these titles.


Standard, miniature, and toy poodles are the three varieties available. Dogs can be categorized by size, with standards being on the larger end and miniatures and pets on the smaller end. Miniature poodles have a reputation for living to old age.


Because of its origins as a purely companion breed, it's not surprising that the Shih Tzu has become the canine equivalent of a poster child for couch dogs. These canines' fur is long and luxurious.

Shih Tzu

The miniature schnauzer is a tough-natured but amiable canine that is known for its small size. This terrier has a strong sense of devotion, and it is easy to spot thanks to the distinctive bearded haircut it sports.

Miniature Schnauzer

Although they are among the smallest breeds of canine, Chihuahuas have big personalities despite their diminutive stature. Chihuahuas are active and sassy in addition to being lovable and devoted.


Little canines this round have big hearts. Historically, pugs have been kept as royal pets and by Tibetan priests. They are friendly and calm, making them suitable for a variety of households.


Because of their long, fluffy hair, Pomeranians resemble a cross between a stuffed animal and a miniature lion. These canines are extremely loyal to their families, but they can also be watchful and dominant at times. 


The Boston terrier is a breed of canine that is generally happy, loyal, and well-behaved. This canine got its start in the city that gave its name to the breed when an English bulldog and a white English terrier were bred together. 

Boston Terrier

The Maltese has a temperament that is delicate but courageous. This breed of canine is sociable and outgoing, and it forms strong connections with its human pack. There is a long history of the species.


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