Multiple Blue Rings

10 Best Names For Our Boy Cat 

The adorable option exists. You could make something up. Choose a cute moniker for your cat that reflects his unique personality or the color of his fur. Here are ten of the most fantastic suggestions for male cat names. Which one do you like best?

Multiple Blue Rings

You've got a male cat, but he doesn't have a name, and that's a pretty significant omission. From this vantage point, you have a plethora of potential paths to take.


This one is very well-liked by cat owners whose felines have blue irises. Since "blue" is the common name given to the hair color of gray cats, this description is appropriate for them as well.


Because Felix the Cat is the longest running animated cat in the history of books, Felix has become a common moniker for black and white male cats.


Everyone is familiar with Garfield. This orange male cat name is a good option to go with if you have a thing for spaghetti. It should be noted that feeding actual cats spaghetti is not recommended at this time.


Leo is a common moniker for lions, and what are cats but miniature versions of lions? Cats are frequently referred to as "little lions," which is a play on words given that the common term for lions is Leo.


Did you know that in Norse mythology, Loki is worshiped as the deity of mischief? You'll understand why this is one of the finest names for a boy kitten if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting a feline friend.


Do you remember watching the film "The Princess Diaries"? The moniker Fat Louie has been given to the cat that Anne Hathaway's character has. 


How could you possibly dislike child and cat names that are based on soup? It's impossible not to adore child and cat names that are derived from soup.


When Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people perish. If you're a lover of Austin Powers, you'll understand the meaning behind this hilarious name for a boy cat.

Mr. Bigglesworth

What a timeless choice for a male cat's moniker! For some unexplained reason, this is one of the most common choices for a moniker for an orange boy cat.


When it comes to titles for black and white cats, Oreo is the undisputed champion. How could you possibly own a cat that is both black and white without giving it any thought?


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