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10 Adorable Dog Breeds With Curly Hair

Dogs with curly hair are highly sought after because of their unique appearance and relatively low shedding. Poodles and Portuguese water dogs, both of which have distinctively curly coats

The poodle is probably the first dog that springs to mind when you mention canines with curly hair. The poodle is a traditional curly-haired dog that comes in three different sizes: big, miniature, and toy.

#1 Poodle

Another dog breed with a curly coat that is good for sports is the Portuguese water dog, or PWD. These dogs were originally designed to help fisherman by swimming quickly and efficiently to retrieve lost tackle or even save the lives of drowning sailors.

#2 Portuguese Water Dog

The French name "bichon frise" translates to "curly-haired dog." This fluffy white companion dog is adorable. When properly maintained, the dog's short, fluffy curls give it a spherical appearance.

#3 Bichon Frise

In terms of size, the Airedale is the largest terrier breed, and its coat is one of the most striking. The wiry coat is often brown and tan in color and can be curly in either a tight or looser fashion, giving the appearance of a wave.

#4 Airedale Terrier

The Hungarian Pumi is distinguished by its distinctive medium-length coat, which features a mix of softer hair and more coarse guard hair and is characterized by a combination of curls and waves. 

#5 Pumi

The curly-coated retriever is not only one of the oldest retriever breeds but also one of the largest curly-haired dog breeds. This breed probably evolved from other curly-haired dogs, such as Irish water spaniels or poodles. 

#6 Curly-Coated Retriever

The Bedlington terrier looks like a lamb and has a similar texture because to its mix of fine and coarse hair. The canine's head is the most curly feature of the animal. 

#7 Bedlington Terrier

The Bolognese, like the bichon frise, is a toy dog that makes a great companion. The Bolognese, in contrast to the bichon, has looser, longer curls. 

#8 Bolognese

Kerry blue terriers are easily distinguished by their distinctively curly, blue-gray coat. The coat should be dense, fluffy, and wavy, as specified by the American Kennel Club.

#9 Kerry Blue Terrier

The French barbet water dog is an uncommon breed of curly-coated canine. Curly hair looks best when the coat is kept at a medium length of three to five inches. 

#10 Barbet

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