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How Dogs Positively Impact Our Lives

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Dogs are widely regarded as man’s best friend. It’s incredible how much joy and laughter they bring into our lives. Puppy Day, observed on March 23rd each year, honors the unconditional love and affection that puppies bring to our lives. It is also observed to raise awareness about the need for care and shelter for the less fortunate people who live on the streets.

There are numerous ways in which our furry friends improve our lives. We’ve listed a few of them to help you recognize and appreciate your dog’s friendship even more.

Dogs can help you relax.

A study found that playing or petting a familiar dog immediately lowers blood pressure and heart rate, slows breathing, and relaxes muscle tension. More recent studies show a lower level of stress hormones in blood chemistry, even in people who are candidates for blood pressure medication.

They aid in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Did you know that looking into a dog’s eyes can instantly make you feel better? According to studies, simply looking into a dog’s eyes causes a significant increase in oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a hormone that regulates our emotional responses and pro-social behaviors, such as trust, empathy, positive memories, bonding cue processing, and positive communication. Interactions with dogs can assist you in maintaining a more positive, optimistic outlook on life. Even better, they alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms.

Dogs help us become better people.

A dog’s face has been shown to have a ‘infant schema,’ which means that its high forehead, big eyes, short snout, and floppy ears may have evolved to appeal to human innate responses. These characteristics are known as’social releasers,’ and they can elicit a response from a human caregiver. We become more compassionate and kind when we want to help and provide for others.

Dogs assist us in enjoying life.

We can learn a lot from these adorable, ecstatic creatures. From their loyalty and attentiveness to enjoying life’s simple pleasures, they teach us how to live and be better.